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    Sarah Thomas, PhD

    Our Founder

    Sarah Thomas, PhD is the founder of EduMatch, a project that empowers educators to make global connections across common areas of interest. She has spoken and presented internationally, participated in the Technical Working Group to refresh the 2017 ISTE Standards for Educators, and is a recipient of the 2017 ISTE Making IT Happen award. She is also an Affiliate Professor at Loyola University in Maryland. Sarah is a co-author of the ISTE Digital equity series, Closing the Gap.

    TL Specialists

    Strategic Partner

    TL Specialists is an equity-minded education organization established to provide personalized training for schools and districts around the world. In a time where the education system is facing one of its biggest pivots of the era, we are here to deliver personalized educational technology training to your school’s educators with a focus on SEL and equity to help prepare communities for this new shift to a hybrid world.

    Tech Teach Grow

    Strategic Partner

    Tech.Teach.Grow provides high-quality Professional Development to teachers, parents, and administration. We use technology as a tool while simultaneously leaning on proven research-based teaching and learning methodology to deliver our services to our clients.


    Where it all began...

    We are a worldwide community of educators who learn and grow together. We support one another in our professional learning journeys, and believe in the power of sharing stories. For that reason, we connect on various social media platforms and build deep relationships that transcend geography, job titles, and all demographic categories. We also believe in empowering the expert within, and seek to amplify voices of students and educators, as well as grassroots educational efforts.

    EduMatch® Foundation, Inc.

    Giving back to the educational community

    EduMatch Foundation Inc. seeks to support the global vision of all stakeholders, especially educators and students, collaborating at the grassroots level. Your donation will support the efforts of this project, which includes providing opportunities for educators to connect. This allows them to grow and learn from each other, which positively impacts the classroom. Your support will also help to empower the expert within, in amplifying the voices of students and educators as they collaborate locally and beyond borders.

    EduMatch® Publishing

    The home of our Authors Series

    We elevate the authentic voices of educators using evidence-informed practices to be the catalyst for change in education. What’s your story?

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    Virtual Event Support

    "First, let me confirm that our whole CCTE community is indebted to you two for the flawless manner in which you coordinated the presentation of our virtual Fall Conference. You made it all easy for us...In addition, you helped many of the folks who were leading or coordinating sessions feel secure that things would go well."

    —Alan Jones, Executive Secretary, CCTE

    Asynchronous Learning

    "Thank you Sarah for a wonderful course! It was amazingly helpful as I developed and started publishing my podcasts. I will definitely be reviewing what I learned as I develop more confidence and more content around my podcast.”

    —Dr. Ilene Winokur, Host, Journeys to Belonging

    Personal Learning Family

    "I love the collective voices of passionate educators! We are so lucky to have EduMatch in our lives!"—Jennifer Bond, Educator and EduMatch Community Member


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